Professor Ngozi Osarenren


Professor Ngozi Osarenren is a professor of Counseling at the University of Lagos and presently the head of the department of Educational Foundation, University of Lagos. In 2009, she was sworn in as the Commissioner of Education in Edo state where she  worked extensively on clamping down on Examination malpractices and other educationally related deficiencies.

She is someone with great passion towards building and remolding the society especially the educational sector. This she does with all commitment and dedication. As a lecturer, Professor Ngozi has carved a niche for herself through her dedication and hard work to academic excellence. When it comes to excellence, she is in a class of her own

Mr Oludeseyi Adegoke Adeyemo

Mr Oludeseyi Adegoke Adeyemo is a prolific writer who uses his writing skills and resources to Educate and develop Nigeria youths. He is someone who believes so much in Africa especially Nigeria. He considers leadership as an act of stewardship as such gives so much into developing true leadership skills in youths.

He is the publisher of Inside Watch Africa (IWA), a magazine that celebrates and projects Africa beyond mediocrity but its contribution to humanity and the world. He is also a public speaker who is passionately interested in developing human dignity.

Mr. OluwaseyiAdegokeAdeyemo is the Editor in Chief ( CEO) Kristomedia Limited, a publishing company that defines class and finesse.

Dr. Joke Muyiwa

Dr. Joke Muyiwa is passion driven Nigerian actress and an academic staff of OlabisiOnabanjoUniversity,AgoIwoye of department of Performing Arts. She is a handworker, who juggles between academics and acting concurrently and has never fallen short on both sides.

She believes that the essence of living is to affect lives and this is what propels her to give so much into humanity especially the youths.

As a lecturer, she is known for her uprightness, dedication and passion. She gives all it takes to groom students of high moral standard and she never compromises her standard.

As an actor, she is exceptionally brilliant and interprets her roles perfectly. She uses her acting career to influence the society. She won the 5th best nollywood awards for the lead role in the movie ‘AYITALE’.


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